Applicants of University of Phoenix is the link to the admissions web of the University of Phoenix. This is where students of the University of Phoenix would go to if ever they decide to enroll at the University of Phoenix. The website is secure so users will be assured that all information that they would enter on the site will be kept confidential. Students would need to key-in their username and password before they can begin to use

About the University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is an American institution for higher leaning education, and is currently based in Phoenix Arizona. The school, according to its website, is a subsidiary of Apollo Group. Currently, the school has more than 112 campuses spread all over the world. This makes it one of the most recognizable groups of schools.

The university offers about a hundred different degree programs in associate, bachelor’s, doctoral and master’s degree. Students who are interested to study at the University of Phoenix should check out

Step By Step Procedure to Log in

Before you could make use of the website for the application for admission at the University of Phoenix, you must first log in. Here are the steps to guide you.

• First of all, access the website by typing in
• Next, log in with your username and password and click “log-in”.
• Those who forgot their username or password should refer to the “forgot username/password” link right below the login section of
• You will be asked to choose if you forgot your username, password or both.
• Make your selection and click on the button below that says “Continue”.

Navigating is just so easy. But for users who might have encountered some problems in using the site, they can refer to the “Help” section found on the lower right hand corner of the website.

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