University Of Phoenix: Scam or Not?

If you have considered taking college courses online you have probably heard of the University of Phoenix. It would be hard not too since this University goes out of it’s way to make itself known and is considered one the largest school systems in the United States with over 200 campuses around the world. (The University is considering closing about ½ those campuses due to low enrollment numbers.) However, you may have also seen the numerous complaints and other articles stating emphatically that the University of Phoenix is a scam and that any degree from this school isn’t worth the paper it is printed on.

Hopefully, this article will definitely answer the question once and for all about whether this University is scam or a legitimate school. Let’s begin by defining exactly what a scam is. A scam is a fraudulent scheme designed to make a quick profit without the person who is scammed getting anything of value in return.

Since the University of Phoenix offers students Associates, Bachelor’s, Masters and even Doctoral degrees and that in many cases it takes students longer to achieve these degrees before they only take courses part time, it seems unlikely that this University is making a quick profit. So, if there is a University of Phoenix scam it would have to be due to the fact that this University could not be considered a real University. But what do you need to be considered “a real University”


In most people’s view in order for a College or University to be considered as “a real institution of higher learning it needs to be accredited. The North Central Association of Schools and Colleges, one of the 6 region accrediting agencies, accredit the U of P. This means that the degrees you earn from the University of Phoenix are proper and valid within the United States. In addition, students attending this school have the same access to grants that students from other colleges have.

Why All The Complaints?

There could be a number of reasons why so many people seem dissatisfied with this school and feel they were scammed. Here are just a few of the reasons:

• This is a for profit University so people may feel cheated because they are paying more for their education than they might pay through some other online program.

• Just because a college is Accredited it doesn’t mean that is is a good school or has the right program for everyone. Not every University can be of the highest caliber, however that doesn’t mean that you are being scammed.

• Some people may not be cut out for higher learning, while others simply may not be willing or able to make the most of their opportunity.

While the University of Phoenix is definitely not a scam, it may not be the right college for everyone. Before attending any University online or off. You need to spend some time learning all you can about the college itself, the educational opportunities it offers students, the number of graduates who have gone on to successful careers, as well as your own personal learning needs.

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